Now, the name of new generation Monopoly is Mynopoly. Buy more land, auction for land, build houses, trade with players, mortgage land and finally win… That’s all. You can play against the Android or your friends. The Android’s artificial intelligence is really advanced. To defeat the Android, you must play very well and need to be a little lucky.

* Advanced Artificial Intelligence
* Random Mode : Certain number of land is given for each player previously.
* Multilanguages Support : Turkish, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian
* 14 Different Board Type :
– Countries of World
– Cities of Turkey
– Districts of Turkey/İstanbul
– Districts of Turkey/Ankara
– Districts of Turkey/İzmir
– Cities of England
– Cities of France
– Cities of Germany
– Cities of Indonesia
– Cities of Italy
– Cities of Russia
– Cities of Spain
– Cities of USA
– Cities of Game of Thrones
* Custom Board Design

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